Mark Andrews , Director

From 2002 I spent 15 years looking after Mum who was diagnosed with vascular dementia.

During the early years after diagnosis we would laugh about how the illness was affecting her memory and that life was relatively normal albeit with the odd slightly more serious issue. However, as time went by and the illness took hold, the laughter became less frequent until it was almost completely replaced by tears.  Mood swings and an ever-decreasing ability to hold a conversation were signs that the Mum I love was disappearing in front of me. 

As much as I did my best to care for her sometimes she would change dramatically, overnight in some cases, I was finding it very hard to cope and so I asked for help.  Mum didn’t understand initially and found it all too much but it was the right thing to do, I needed help as well as Mum.  


Eventually Mum stopped eating and would refuse to take her medicines, then one day she no longer recognised me, it was heart-breaking.  Nobody said dementia is easy, however nothing can prepare you for that, Mum never wanted to go into a home and with the support of the carers we were able to help her wish become reality until the final few weeks of her life.  I owe a tremendous amount of gratitude to the girls who looked after Mum and I feel the need to help others who are in the same situation as we were.

Complete Care Chesterfield was born out of my love for Mum, it is our mission to provide the excellent level of care that we believe every individual deserves, just like Mum